Ultrasonic Humidifier AMH 2100


Note – Asear Ultrasonic industrial humidifier utilizes ultrasonic oscillator to the water surface under the action of cavitations, form ultrafine particles with the diameter less than 10 um so that the water spray to form a more balanced humidity field mist particles, and the flow of air to heat exchange, to achieve the purpose of increasing humidity.

Model: ASEAR AMH 2100
Humidification Capacity: 21L
Work Temperature:5-40℃
Power Input (w):900W
Humidity control: 10% – 99%
Control precision:±3%RH
Mist outlet:110mm(one PVC pipe outlet/2
Control mode:Automatically control, humidity display
Way of water:In automatic
Protection measure:Lack water protection, overflow protection
Air Volume:12L
Water Quality Required:Pure RO water
Cleaning Frequency:Once in a week




  • Humidity Indicator & Intelligent controller.
  • Size of water mist 1-6
  • Independent Humidification System.
  • Lowest energy consumption in its category.
  • No condensation due to very fine water particle size.
  • Easy to install.
  • Negligible maintenances, simplified even further due to portability of unit.
  • High grade engineering plastic & MS powder coated components ensure corrosion  free performance Using integrated ultrasonic atomizer, can change the atomizing piece, be convenient to maintain.
  • Automatic/Manual intake mode can be chosen, with water level detection device and overflow protection ,can automatically shut-down when lack of water.
  • No Structural modifications required.
  • The droplet diameter is very small ,only 1-5um.
  • Uniformity humidification, the maximum humidity up to 99%.


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