Car Air Purifier SC-101

Product Features

Features / Description
ModelSC 101 (Car Air Purifier)
Voltage12 V
Power Consumption11WT
Dimension215 x 80 mm
Weight400 gms.
Air Flow30 m3 /hr
Application AreaUpto 50 sq. ft.
Max. Noise Level35 db
Additional Feature
DC 12 V (Cigarette Lighter Socket)
Two Fan Speed
LED display
360o Air Flow
PM 2.5 Filtering


HACI Technology

How does Air Purifier works ?

Details of HACI Technology

HACI Technology is ASEAR’s particularly remarkable air purification technology which focuses on destroying 99.9% of pollutants present in the air. A single filteration technology cannot destroy or eradicate air pollutants in the air for effective purification.

ASEAR has brought for you a multi-stage filtration technology which very effectively combats air pollution using synchronized multi-stage filteration to provide purified air.

HACI Technology Purification System removes particles as small as 0.03 microns, 76 times smaller than PM 2.5.



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